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Welcome to the Ryzom Wiki!

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We are players of the legendary game Ryzom, also known as "The Saga of Ryzom". Our vision is to create a wiki that is free for all and an ultimate source for all players. In particular, we cultivate a way of living out the role-playing game here in the wiki as well.

Do you want to immortalize yourself here? Do you enjoy writing or translating? Or are you more interested in the technical wiki part? Everybody can do his or her part to make this wiki better!

Featured Articles

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Events are one of the highlights of Ryzom, as the story of Ryzom is not driven by quests as in most MMOs, but through life events. Player participation determines the outcome of events, allowing players to take part in shaping the history of Atys. If you've missed any events, you can read up about them in the Event Log [[:Ryzom_Wiki:Current_events|]].

Not all events advance the story, sometimes there are also OOC events which fall outside the lore of Ryzom. These events are usually to celebrate some Real Life event, like Halloween or Christmas. For example, the latest event to be held was the Atysmas 2010 event which lasted two weeks. Read more about it here. [[:Event:Atysmas_2010|]]

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